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marcinks2015.jpgJust something I wanted for myself...

Before our first son was born, we received more than 10 handmade quilts and blankets, all from very special people. Several were absolutely beautiful, and I couldn't see actually using them and getting them dirty.

My favorite two matched the nursery decor, so I decided to hang them on the wall – but I wasn’t sure how to do it.

The only type of quilt hanger that I knew of was a bulky wooden block type, and I wanted something cute and reasonably priced. So, I created the quilt clips myself.

After the many exclamations and comments from family and friends on how adorable the quilt clips were and questions of where I had gotten them, I figured other moms and dads were also looking for a unique touch for their children's nursery and bedroom decor.

So I created the Little Elephant Company, and I make these delightfully splendid decorative quilt clips that turn treasured quilts and comforters into charming hanging artwork.

Since I began my website and opened shops on Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon, my products are now in nurseries and children's rooms in all 50 states and other destinations including Canada, England, France, Australia, Malta, Ireland, Germany, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Spain, Italy, and more.

With the success of my decorative quilt clips, I have added several other coordinating accents to my product line – growth charts, curtain holdbacks, wall plaques, name signs, light switch covers, peg racks, drawer knobs, and wall letters.

With hundreds of different designs that I have custom laser cut, my accents coordinate with almost all themed bedding sets, including those carried by major retailers and sets by popular brands and designers.